Friday, June 18, 2010

Sweet Dreams?

This is what I do instead of sleep.

I love CATS. Because I love musicals and they are cats and it gives me hope that my cat can sing and dance!!!
Also, not all of the songs, but some of them have very deep meaning, and some are mysterious and eerie and intriguing.
But you know the main song is the biggest and it's all "MEMORYYY! ALL ALONE IN THE MOOONLIIIGHT!" Well, I actually don't like that song that much. I do like when the little kitten adorableness is singing with her though.

When I decide I'm too tired and I NEED sleep, at like 3:30, I can't get to sleep because I'm pondering.
"I wish I was a cat. because I know deep inside, that they are wonderful, amazing dancers and singers!"

Except I can't sing, or dance. Or act for that matter.
BUT I can draw! LOL. But that picture is the best its gonna get on MS Paint.
Adieu! Adieu! To you and you and you!
-WannabeAuthor :)


  1. oooh pretty.....uh huh............sorta........wait. wats tht brown thing??