Saturday, June 12, 2010


So, I'm guessing no one will even read this. I'm not even sure why I'm creating it. MAYBE, it's the need to talk to someone.
According to my mother I'm very weird. It's summer time and I haven't gone to hang out with friends or anything because I'm too lazy, I guess. But she keeps wondering if something happened with my friends and that's why I'm not doing anything. Does anyone else kinda just sit around in the summer? :/ I always do. I go outside, but not very often.
Also people think I'm backward socially because I'm awful at talking to adults. AWFUL. I don't know why, I've just always been like that. I don't think I am though, I'm just a quiet girl and they can get over it.
NO, I don't talk much. YES, I have a personality.
I have a straaange personality at that. I guess you could say that I'm immature, or that I'm just plain weird. My family calls me emo, drama queen, etc. (I like saying etc.) Well, I'm not a person that's just gonna complain on here all the time, but yes I am quite dramatic. They mainly call me "emo" because I LOOOVE Tim Burton stuff, and ya know, he makes dark and creepy things, but I think it's pure genius. But I'm not one of those people that only shops at Hot Topic, although I like t-shirts there, just because I want to follow anyone. It's truly MY personality.
So that was a little about me, not sure if anyone will even read this, but if they do, THANKYOU VERY MUCH. I should be doing more of this almost everyday!
-WannabeAuthor :)

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  1. Wholey agree with you in the whole: Its summer but i much prefer to stay inside thing. Tim BUrton (Y)
    Not sure if you would call my general dislike of people being socially backwards. Nothing wrong with liking your own company lol as not to say that i dont have any friends :)
    Yay love new bloggers, keep it up it gets addictive