Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm sick of always being the one to apologize.

It's not my fault this time.

It's your's.
This blog would be so much more interesting if I had problems.
But I guess I don't have problems because I don't really have a social life. :P
But that is kind of a problem.
Because, I shouldn't care, I shouldn't care, I shouldn't care!
I shouldn't care, but I really want a boyfriend. A sweet cute boyfriend who likes me for me.
But what teenage girl doesn't?
I have to remind myself that most relationships don't last through college anyway. So why does having one matter?
I also want to be noticed.
I'm defintley not noticed.
Most people could care less whether I was sick from school or not.
They don't know that I like punk music, that I love Monty Python.
Why should they?
I'm not loud, I'm not outgoing.
I'm so quiet.
So very quiet.
And I don't want to be anymore.
But I can't help it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

To My Parents

(Little boy in the picture)
I love that I can talk to you about almost anything. I could rant on for days about how I love Korean music, or talk about my friends (positively, I promise) and you listen the whole time.
I love how you taught me what music is good and I agree with you almost 100%, well except for Bruce Springsteen.
I love that you work at home, so I get to see you more than most kids do.
I love how you like to make food and do fun crafts instead of liking hiking or fishing.
I love that you don't play sports, and I know where my brother and I get it.
Even though I'm always making fun of you, I love that you point out random things when we're driving. "OH LOOK! A car! I used to have that car!"
I love that your a youth pastor and you relate to teenagers more than adults.
I love you dad. :)

I love how you clean you keep our house, and you try to teach me to keep it clean, even if I don't want to.
I love that you still help me with my hair and my makeup if I look bad.
I love that you care about me and want me to be successful.
I love that you don't care what I wear, as long as I don't look skanky.
I love that you like rock and punk music.
I love how pretty you are, and you've always been pretty, even in the 80's (see picture) when you said your hair was too big and you wore too much makeup.
I love that you always seem to be happy. Even when your not.
I love how you smell.
I still love crawling into your bed when I'm scared.
I love that your just as crazy as me.
I love that, even though you were against it two years ago, I got a kitten.
I love that I can talk to you about anything.
I love that I can make you die laughing, and you can make me die laughing.
I love you, Mum. :)

To Both of You,
I love that you've taught me to be myself over everything.
I love that you support all of my decisions.
I love that you embarrass me, because it doesn't embarrass me anymore.
I love that you two are still in love.
I love you both. :)
(I couldn't find a good picture with me and my dad. :P)

Monday, June 21, 2010

My...Attraction to Korean Music

I absolutley LOVE music from South Korea!!! :D
It's wonderful!
I don't understand why some people don't like it.
Maybe it's too cute.
Sunny, SNSD
but...not all of it is "cute"!

Well, some people would say, "I don't understand what they're saying! How can you like a bunch of nonsense!?"
It's called English Subtitles! :D YAY SMART!
And they still don't like it...I think they might be jealous of the hotness.
Then again, some people might just not like this kind of music!
But I LOVE IT. :)
I think I like it because its great feel good music! :D
-WannabeAuthor :D

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I love God

People who don't agree with me can unfollow me or whatever. because I don't care.
I love God.
I love Jesus.
I am a Christian no matter what others may think.
I may not "look" like it, but God doesn't care about outward appearance.
Part of 1 Samuel 16:7 says "Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart."
I go to a school where they teach things that I don't agree with, and it's a Christian school.
God doesn't care if you wear black nail polish.
God doesn't care if you have tattoos.
God loves EVERYONE. Even people who are atheists. Even people who worship Satan.
I'm not saying i worship Satan! (lol) But He does love every single person.
He loves every person enough to send his son to die for every single person.
I know I'm preaching here. Sorry. I needed to get it out.
I love you God!
-WannabeAuthor :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fun Times!

Here I am!

At my Grandparents house!

On their insanley old computer.

I'm afraid I'm going to wake them up because my typing will be so freaking LOUDDD.

At least it's not a typewriter! Rose has a typewriter :) I love it.

ANYWAY, so I went to Urban Outfitters and got the cutest hat in the WORLD. Haha not really, but I love it.

Everything is so expensive there though!

So it's a rare treat to shop there. :)

And I got a giant poster that's black and white but has spots of bright red things. It's so amazing.

And I can't draw on their computer. So I'll give you this picture.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Sweet Dreams?

This is what I do instead of sleep.

I love CATS. Because I love musicals and they are cats and it gives me hope that my cat can sing and dance!!!
Also, not all of the songs, but some of them have very deep meaning, and some are mysterious and eerie and intriguing.
But you know the main song is the biggest and it's all "MEMORYYY! ALL ALONE IN THE MOOONLIIIGHT!" Well, I actually don't like that song that much. I do like when the little kitten adorableness is singing with her though.

When I decide I'm too tired and I NEED sleep, at like 3:30, I can't get to sleep because I'm pondering.
"I wish I was a cat. because I know deep inside, that they are wonderful, amazing dancers and singers!"

Except I can't sing, or dance. Or act for that matter.
BUT I can draw! LOL. But that picture is the best its gonna get on MS Paint.
Adieu! Adieu! To you and you and you!
-WannabeAuthor :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sleepover Stereotypes!

omg so hot.
I am kind of on a sugar/sleepover hangover here. I'm not going to be blogging about my great adventures with Squirly because of this. And because I'm lazy!
At "sleepovers", I don't like calling them makes me sound like a 10 year old or something...ANYWAY, you have great fun with your friend(s) and eat a ton of sugar and laugh and laugh at the most stupid things.
But it's not like teen girl films make them out to be.

A. Pillow Fights. I have not had a pillow fight since I was 12, and I don't want to! PILLOWS ARE PAINFUL. they are not fun to hit each other in the face with! Feathers will not come flying out of them!
(Better Off Dead)
B. Watching a chick flick. We watched a Very Potter Musical (if you like harry potter you should check it out!!! It's hilarious!!!) and I'm not sure if "Better Off Dead" is really a chick flick. It's an 80's film (I LOVE THE 80'S!) and John Cusack (not sure if I spelled it right) plays a guy that his girlfriend broke up with him, and he was completely OBSESSED with his girlfriend, so now he's suicidal, but he won't really kill himself. It's REALLY funny. And he's weird, and that kind of makes him adorable.

C. Talking the latest gossip! Oh my gosh I hate this sleepover stereotype! I don't care that Jessica saw Nick kissing Tiffany at the mall! (Fake names...sorry if one of them is your name! LOL!) I mean, some girls might like that stuff, but I don't know them and or hang out with girls like that. because it's obnoxious! MOVING ON!

D. Makeovers and fashion shows. Ok, so when your in a group it's KINDA fun to do makeovers. But I mean the people that usually want to GIVE the makeover have no idea what they're doing and you end up looking like a hooker. And again, fashion show? 10 year old. No dancing around with feather boas and giant sunglasses.

BANANAS IN PAJAMAS...and an orange. ?
But one thing I DO NOT understand is, now that we're teenagers and in college (highschool) and what not, my friends wear tank tops and boy shorts when we put our pj's on. And there I am, feeling 10, because I'm wearing some Hello Kitty pajama pants and a big old T-Shirt. But I wanna be comfortable! I mean, who are they trying to impress when we're obviously not going anywhere?! I don't understand it.
And also, Sorry, I'm too lazy to draw pictures, so it's just boring real life pictures! lol! Well except for the pillow one...but i didn't draw that.
P.S. Johnny Depp (first picture) is wearing the same Pajamas as the bananas! LOL! :D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sugar Overdose!!!

If you're like me, You like to listen to the radio when you take a shower, or your bored, or anything else! So More than likely, this has probably happened to you.
You turn on your little radio, whatever it may be, And your absolute favourite song at the moment is playing! But OH NO! It's the very end of it! It's alright though, because that put you in a happy mood.

So you're in an ok mood, its not all that bad...UNTIL...

Choice A. Really stupid commercials come on and I become depressed and emo and Eleanor Scissorhands.

Choice B. A rap song comes on about strippers and alcohol and drugs and minors doing Remove Formatting from selectionall these things! IT MAKES ME WANT TO PUNCH SOMEONE IN THE JUGULAR VEIN! Who wants to hear this stuff to make them happy!?

My friend Squirly (she spells it like this) and I went on some marvelous adventures today! Which I will put up tomorrow!
I also had a humungo ice cream cone.
This does not help our hyperactivity! AT ALL.
Oh. And we have Pepsi. Lots of Pepsi.
Since, I'm about to pass out in a sugar comma,
P.S. Mi Padre es Muerto! :D....jk...I know that means "my dad is dead". Which he isn't. Sorry to people with dead family members.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

-Dances around in Major Spaz of Happy-

this might mess up, I hope not.

OMG I HAVE 4 FOLLOWERS. You have no idea how happy that makes me, even if one of them is my friend Rose. :)

So I was looking at blogs and stuff and OMG there's a hilarious blog called Hyperbole and A Half that uses hilarious pictures to describe things. So I thought I'd make a few of my own.
1st. I suck at every sport known to mankind.

2nd. My friend Elena and I love Fred and George Weasley to death. So this is a true story. Except i didn't actually meet J.K. Rowling...cuz I would punch her in the face.

Fred and George's Ear, we salute you.


My name thing "WannabeAuthor" is total truth.
I write all the freakin time! And when I'm not writing, I'm trying to think of new ideas. I write down millions of stories that I never finish, but right now I'm working on a story I like to call "HEIRESS". It's kind of like a Harry Potter thing, but not completely. So, since I have nothing interesting to vlog, I might as well put up the first chapter! Or at least part of it.

Tell me what you think of it!

So here we go! :)

September 2048

Elizabeth hugged her mom for the last time, even though she didn’t realize it. If she had, she wouldn’t have done it so carelessly. Her mom took her face in her fragile, shaking hands.

“Now, Lizzy bear,”


“Okay! Okay! Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, I’m completely sure! The money is taken care of and I won’t have to suffer through…” her mother’s face was filled with sadness. “Mom, I love home. But that school is not for me. It’s a good thing I’m going, trust me.”

“Boarding passengers in sections five through nine!” the woman repeated a few times. Liz looked at her ticket.

“Okay, I gotta go, mom. Love ya. Call you later.” And she quickly got on the plane.

Liz was about to turn her phone off when she sat down, when she saw a video message from her mom. She pressed the screen to see her mom’s face filled with worry,

“I’m so sorry I didn’t tell u this…

… Ur adopted.”

Liz was so shocked. So incredibly shocked. How could her own mother do this to her? But she wasn’t her mother. She didn’t know who her mother was. Her eyes began watering.

“Excuse me, miss, but you’ll have to turn off your phone.” Elizabeth looked at the flight attendant with anger.It was an icy cold look that she had mastered when she was little. “Oh, I’ll leave you be…” and the flight attendant left, looking dazed.

It would only take a few hours to get from Mississippi to London, England, where Liz’s new school would be. She had gotten a sudden scholarship out of nowhere, and of course she’d take it over a lousy public high school in a small town. Now she had all the more reason to go. She couldn’t call that town home anymore. Liz cried the whole way there.

I thought of this because one of my best friends from America and she's always saying she thinks she's adopted! LOL. Please leave a review! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010


I think this is becoming a trend, me reviewing movies here. I enjoy it :) Maybe I should be a film critic! :D
So I watched Big Fish, as you can see from the title of this blog. I've watched it before, but it was a while ago. BUT I LOOOVE IT. LOL But near the end it starts getting boring, but I think it's after Helena Bonham Carter's character (see picture) is done talking about how Edward Bloom fixed her little house, for me at least. Because Helena happens to be my favorite actress in the world! It's so weird to see her as a blonde with a Southern accent because I'm not used to it obviously, but she did an amazing job at not having any hint of a British accent, and so did the younger "Edward Bloom" -my mind is blanking on his real name! :O- . And my friend told me I'm going to end up like Jenny, a crazy old cat lady that plays piano all day. Just because I like cats and love playing the piano does not mean I'll end up alone! Or a witch! I don't even love cats that much! 47 seven cats she says...*shudders*. Helena also played the old witch, who didn't say one word, and yet Helena sat in a. makeup chair for five hours to get her face all old like. I think she enjoys playing crazy witches though LOL (hint hint, Bellatrix! :D)
I love the movie, it's very enjoyable. Except Edward's son is kinda a big jerk to him. And his son's wife annoys me for no reason. I don't even know why! haha, so there's my blog for today! Arebedachi!
(OH! And Tim Burton's and Helena's son is seven years old, this movie was made in 2003. Do the math.)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

On the Brightside - NeverShoutNever

I think I might be mental.

I, Eleanor, decided to actually talk about something in my blog so it wouldn't be all about me. Because that would be boring and no one would read it!....Even tho people will probably still not read it! WOO.
So I watched Shutter Island. :D I loved it! I won't give away the ending, I promise, but my parents think there's something wrong with me. So this is supposed to be a scary movie right? I wasn't scared by it. I was saddened. I WON'T GIVE IT AWAY but it was completely saddening to me! I mean I was on Leonardo DiCaprio's side the whole time, and most people are for a while until they discover the TWIST ending, but man, I still was on his side! FIGHT THE POWA! It made me cry but I absolutely loved it.
But whenever I see any new movie with him in it (Ex. picture 2), I think of him as Arnie in What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, and that would be the first picture. No, no, not the incredibly hot one, the one that's screaming. Yes, I always think of him as an eighteen year old boy with the mind of a five year old. One of my favorite parts of Gilbert Grape is when he's like "I COULDA DROWNDED." Because you can use that during almost any movie he's in! Shutter Island, Titanic, ANYTHING! So with these whimsical words, I bid you adieu. (Mainly because I can't think of what to say now!)
-WannabeAuthor :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010


So, I'm guessing no one will even read this. I'm not even sure why I'm creating it. MAYBE, it's the need to talk to someone.
According to my mother I'm very weird. It's summer time and I haven't gone to hang out with friends or anything because I'm too lazy, I guess. But she keeps wondering if something happened with my friends and that's why I'm not doing anything. Does anyone else kinda just sit around in the summer? :/ I always do. I go outside, but not very often.
Also people think I'm backward socially because I'm awful at talking to adults. AWFUL. I don't know why, I've just always been like that. I don't think I am though, I'm just a quiet girl and they can get over it.
NO, I don't talk much. YES, I have a personality.
I have a straaange personality at that. I guess you could say that I'm immature, or that I'm just plain weird. My family calls me emo, drama queen, etc. (I like saying etc.) Well, I'm not a person that's just gonna complain on here all the time, but yes I am quite dramatic. They mainly call me "emo" because I LOOOVE Tim Burton stuff, and ya know, he makes dark and creepy things, but I think it's pure genius. But I'm not one of those people that only shops at Hot Topic, although I like t-shirts there, just because I want to follow anyone. It's truly MY personality.
So that was a little about me, not sure if anyone will even read this, but if they do, THANKYOU VERY MUCH. I should be doing more of this almost everyday!
-WannabeAuthor :)