Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sleepover Stereotypes!

omg so hot.
I am kind of on a sugar/sleepover hangover here. I'm not going to be blogging about my great adventures with Squirly because of this. And because I'm lazy!
At "sleepovers", I don't like calling them makes me sound like a 10 year old or something...ANYWAY, you have great fun with your friend(s) and eat a ton of sugar and laugh and laugh at the most stupid things.
But it's not like teen girl films make them out to be.

A. Pillow Fights. I have not had a pillow fight since I was 12, and I don't want to! PILLOWS ARE PAINFUL. they are not fun to hit each other in the face with! Feathers will not come flying out of them!
(Better Off Dead)
B. Watching a chick flick. We watched a Very Potter Musical (if you like harry potter you should check it out!!! It's hilarious!!!) and I'm not sure if "Better Off Dead" is really a chick flick. It's an 80's film (I LOVE THE 80'S!) and John Cusack (not sure if I spelled it right) plays a guy that his girlfriend broke up with him, and he was completely OBSESSED with his girlfriend, so now he's suicidal, but he won't really kill himself. It's REALLY funny. And he's weird, and that kind of makes him adorable.

C. Talking the latest gossip! Oh my gosh I hate this sleepover stereotype! I don't care that Jessica saw Nick kissing Tiffany at the mall! (Fake names...sorry if one of them is your name! LOL!) I mean, some girls might like that stuff, but I don't know them and or hang out with girls like that. because it's obnoxious! MOVING ON!

D. Makeovers and fashion shows. Ok, so when your in a group it's KINDA fun to do makeovers. But I mean the people that usually want to GIVE the makeover have no idea what they're doing and you end up looking like a hooker. And again, fashion show? 10 year old. No dancing around with feather boas and giant sunglasses.

BANANAS IN PAJAMAS...and an orange. ?
But one thing I DO NOT understand is, now that we're teenagers and in college (highschool) and what not, my friends wear tank tops and boy shorts when we put our pj's on. And there I am, feeling 10, because I'm wearing some Hello Kitty pajama pants and a big old T-Shirt. But I wanna be comfortable! I mean, who are they trying to impress when we're obviously not going anywhere?! I don't understand it.
And also, Sorry, I'm too lazy to draw pictures, so it's just boring real life pictures! lol! Well except for the pillow one...but i didn't draw that.
P.S. Johnny Depp (first picture) is wearing the same Pajamas as the bananas! LOL! :D

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