Thursday, June 24, 2010

To My Parents

(Little boy in the picture)
I love that I can talk to you about almost anything. I could rant on for days about how I love Korean music, or talk about my friends (positively, I promise) and you listen the whole time.
I love how you taught me what music is good and I agree with you almost 100%, well except for Bruce Springsteen.
I love that you work at home, so I get to see you more than most kids do.
I love how you like to make food and do fun crafts instead of liking hiking or fishing.
I love that you don't play sports, and I know where my brother and I get it.
Even though I'm always making fun of you, I love that you point out random things when we're driving. "OH LOOK! A car! I used to have that car!"
I love that your a youth pastor and you relate to teenagers more than adults.
I love you dad. :)

I love how you clean you keep our house, and you try to teach me to keep it clean, even if I don't want to.
I love that you still help me with my hair and my makeup if I look bad.
I love that you care about me and want me to be successful.
I love that you don't care what I wear, as long as I don't look skanky.
I love that you like rock and punk music.
I love how pretty you are, and you've always been pretty, even in the 80's (see picture) when you said your hair was too big and you wore too much makeup.
I love that you always seem to be happy. Even when your not.
I love how you smell.
I still love crawling into your bed when I'm scared.
I love that your just as crazy as me.
I love that, even though you were against it two years ago, I got a kitten.
I love that I can talk to you about anything.
I love that I can make you die laughing, and you can make me die laughing.
I love you, Mum. :)

To Both of You,
I love that you've taught me to be myself over everything.
I love that you support all of my decisions.
I love that you embarrass me, because it doesn't embarrass me anymore.
I love that you two are still in love.
I love you both. :)
(I couldn't find a good picture with me and my dad. :P)

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