Sunday, June 13, 2010

I think I might be mental.

I, Eleanor, decided to actually talk about something in my blog so it wouldn't be all about me. Because that would be boring and no one would read it!....Even tho people will probably still not read it! WOO.
So I watched Shutter Island. :D I loved it! I won't give away the ending, I promise, but my parents think there's something wrong with me. So this is supposed to be a scary movie right? I wasn't scared by it. I was saddened. I WON'T GIVE IT AWAY but it was completely saddening to me! I mean I was on Leonardo DiCaprio's side the whole time, and most people are for a while until they discover the TWIST ending, but man, I still was on his side! FIGHT THE POWA! It made me cry but I absolutely loved it.
But whenever I see any new movie with him in it (Ex. picture 2), I think of him as Arnie in What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, and that would be the first picture. No, no, not the incredibly hot one, the one that's screaming. Yes, I always think of him as an eighteen year old boy with the mind of a five year old. One of my favorite parts of Gilbert Grape is when he's like "I COULDA DROWNDED." Because you can use that during almost any movie he's in! Shutter Island, Titanic, ANYTHING! So with these whimsical words, I bid you adieu. (Mainly because I can't think of what to say now!)
-WannabeAuthor :)

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