Monday, June 14, 2010


I think this is becoming a trend, me reviewing movies here. I enjoy it :) Maybe I should be a film critic! :D
So I watched Big Fish, as you can see from the title of this blog. I've watched it before, but it was a while ago. BUT I LOOOVE IT. LOL But near the end it starts getting boring, but I think it's after Helena Bonham Carter's character (see picture) is done talking about how Edward Bloom fixed her little house, for me at least. Because Helena happens to be my favorite actress in the world! It's so weird to see her as a blonde with a Southern accent because I'm not used to it obviously, but she did an amazing job at not having any hint of a British accent, and so did the younger "Edward Bloom" -my mind is blanking on his real name! :O- . And my friend told me I'm going to end up like Jenny, a crazy old cat lady that plays piano all day. Just because I like cats and love playing the piano does not mean I'll end up alone! Or a witch! I don't even love cats that much! 47 seven cats she says...*shudders*. Helena also played the old witch, who didn't say one word, and yet Helena sat in a. makeup chair for five hours to get her face all old like. I think she enjoys playing crazy witches though LOL (hint hint, Bellatrix! :D)
I love the movie, it's very enjoyable. Except Edward's son is kinda a big jerk to him. And his son's wife annoys me for no reason. I don't even know why! haha, so there's my blog for today! Arebedachi!
(OH! And Tim Burton's and Helena's son is seven years old, this movie was made in 2003. Do the math.)

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  1. Oh wow aint seen this in ages and didnt realise it was her