Friday, July 2, 2010


I positively ADORE musicals! LOVE THEM!
I love dancing and singing, even though I am crap at both. LOL!
I love me some...

CATS (as you have seen)

Sweeney Todd, which I was literally OBSESSED with for a while.

WICKED! OMG! WICKED! I am in love with it.

I recently watched Legally Blonde the musical on youtube and absolutely loved it.

I used to love the sound of music when I was little and can play almost every song on the piano.
"My Favorite Things" helped me when it would storm when I was five. :) And I wanted to be the little girl even though I don't remember her name. Gretel? IDK something German.

A VERY POTTER MUSICAL! If you lika Da Harry Potta, look it up on youtube.

And I also love Hairspray! Even though John Travolta is a woman and it scares me.
So what are your favorites??? :D


  1. all o the above! and also the one with the thing in it

  2. I will deffo check out the harry potter one <3
    havent seen cats or leagally blond musical
    but i have the rest. Lol her name was gretel, the cute small one who didnt speak in the beginning
    Loved loved loved Wicked, i have a few songs on my phone.
    Also does Glee count, though its a TV show?