Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mixed Feelings...

There's been incredibly mixed feelings about my day...

Bad Things...

-My friend's father died recently from cancer and today was his funeral.
He was a great guy, and could easily make friends with anyone.
I didn't think I would be all that sad when we went, because I thought I didn't know him really well.
I was closer to him than I thought, because my dad was the speaker and he shared memories that I remember very clearly.
It's not that hard for me to cry, so I was teary eyed through just about the whole thing.
Especially when my dad would start choking up.
Good Things...

-My brother came home from Uni.
-I got to wear a pretty dress.
-My mum did my make up for me, although I'm way too old for her to. She always makes my eyes look bigger.
-I went to an Antique shop.
-I got to spend time with my family.
-I have plans over the next few days so I'm not incredibly bored.
-Florence+ The Machine. Enough said.

(That is me in the picture. I have a crap camera.)

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