Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 1

I'm gonna do this, cuz I saw someone else do it, and I'm really that bored.

Day 1- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

(I'm the one that's not glowing XD)

1. I barely ever EVER have my phone on.

2. All my jeans are either too big or too small.

3. I have "baby hands"- meaning they're extremley tiny.

4. Apparently, my ancestors were kicked out of England at one point in time.

5. Me and my brother's girlfriend are practically the same (in personality and likes/dislikes).

6. I think my cat is so cute even though no one else does.

7. I will read almost any book.

8. I will admit this...I actually like Twilight. Mainly because of Alice and Jasper.

9. I don't like muscly tan guys. I like cute wimps like Micheal Cera XD

10. I love art so much, but I honestly think I suck when I see other people's brilliant work.

11. I'll admit this too...I wish people would complement me, but they don't. AND I know that's very conceded.

12. I don't eat unhealthy and I'm still bigger than most of my friends.

13. I can leave a room somewhat dirty, but later I realize it and I NEED to clean it.

14. I still like dogs even though I love cats. I don't get why people assume you can only like one.

15. I hate sports, I only like dancing. :P


  1. Not conceeded at all, but i dont know what value my word has considering im so vain ^_^
    7 & 9 XD Though i dont mind some muscle ;)

  2. heyyy! you forgot "I LOVE KPOP AND GDRAGON IS MINE!" :DDD hahaha