Monday, September 6, 2010

Should I have more?

"You don't understand... I don't think she was always like this..."
"How is that possible? She isn't human!" Kalitina drank from her coffee cup.
"She could have been, once. No...I know she was." Louis' pupils appeared dialated in the low lighted room.
"But she's 'man' made."
"That's what you think..." His hand ran through his dark chocolate brown hair. Kali tapped her fingers on the table, "I think...I think I knew her before, before the..." He choked. He couldn't say the words.
"Before almost all of the Emonu were...taken?" she bit her lip to keep from crying.
Louis and his mother were eating a picnic at a park. A little girl with a purple floib ball came over and smiled at him. He recognized her. He knew her. His mother knew her. He didn't remember her name.
She was about to say something when a big noise, almost like thunder, sounded and he couldn't hear her voice. Louis' mother's blue eyes grew wide.
"Quick, go in the creek ditch and we'll play hide and seek." her voice was shaking and she was nervous, but she tried not to let it show. Louis and the girl just looked at her. "Go!" She tried to sound calm but she just sounded angry.
The two ran and climbed into the small ditch. Louis found a hollow log and hid inside, but there was only room for one person to hide in there. They would both be found if she tried to hide there. She looked panicked and scared. He didn't understand why. Then he heard tons of people screaming and what sounded like metal, crushing everything.
Louis hid safely in the log, but he felt oh, so guilty as he saw a giant robotic arm, that looked like one of those plush toy games that are rigged, stood right over her head. She screamed in terror, the robot arm suddenly grabbed around her head, her face looking directly at Louis, and snapped her neck. He covered his mouth so he wouldn't scream, but warm tears ran down his face.
Another robot arm dropped down and put a small whirring red ball on the ground. The whirring got faster and faster...until it burst open and a black smoke went everywhere. He choked and coughed, he couldn't breathe. That's all he remembers.
"Yeah...that." Louis could feel tears in his eyes. He closed them so tightly, it felt as though he could rip through his eyelids. "I know it was almost ten years ago...but I hate the Capturers still..."
"I understand..." Kali put her dainty hands on his larger ones. "I miss my family too."
"I think they might have done more than killed them...They might have experimented." He looked at the peaceful face of the robot girl in the blue plasmic chamber. "I mean, look at her Kali..She's so life like."
She looked so calm. Not a care in the world. Louis wanted to be a robot. No hardships would ever come then... Of course they hadn't fully gotten her working yet. She hadn't been praogrammed to do anything. Kali was writing down observations while she worked on fixing her...innards, which were more like wires and nuts and bolts.
"Aha!" She connected a yellow and blue wire. Suddenly the robot girl's eyes opened, a frightening blue. The girl stared directly at Louis. She smiled a little. Wait. Were robots supposed to smile?
Please tell me if you want more. Because this idea came to my head and I really liked it. :)


  1. grrrrrrrrr.....eleanor! i was just gonna put up a story like tht! i had a dream on friday but i didnt hav internet!!!!!!!!!

    :( :( :(


  2. that exacly like a book already written. ur both too late. sorry